Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Over Now.

Running on less then 6 hours of sleep for 3 days I packed up my entire life and moved.
I'm currently in the middle of a internet cafe because I don't have it yet at my new place.

It was going on 3:30am and we were laying on the floor in the middle of boxes and blankets while the fan hummed quietly overhead.
I was beyond exhausted, still in clothes from the day before and starving.
Three of the girls I lead with Young Life wanted to be the first ones to stay the night in the new place so there we were.
They were laughing and telling stories.
They are so young and innocent about the world.
I lay there with my mind running trying to figure things out, wearing myself out even more.

Before we went to sleep I suggested we pray.
In the darkness of my room we talked to God.

I laid there as I heard their voices and was so thankful.
We all went around and it came to the last girl.

She was laughing still and said:
Thank you God so much for my new house!

Tears filled my eyes.
She doesn't live here.
But she knows this is her home too.

This past year has been really rough.
There has been so much to overcome.
So many things to wade thru.
Thoughts I never wanted to think.
Plans I never wanted to do.
I wondered many days when this season would be over.
This season of doubt, fear, loneliness, questioning, struggle, numbness.

And today I am alive and wading thru joy and peace and contentment and community.
And to hear my girl praying that prayer made this past year worth it.
My hearts desire to have a house open for ministry, purposed for loving.
She saw that, thank you Jesus.

Thank you God for never abandoning me.
for pulling me thru.
for patience beyond compare.
and loving me when I was unlovable.
You are worth it.
Even in seasons of grossness, You still choose me.
That I don't understand.


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