Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where are you?

You're suppose to be here tonight.
I'm a little angry but really I'm just stuck in a little pity party.

I made a poor attempt at hanging curtains in my apartment.
I bought all I needed, had to borrow an electric drill, got all my screws and tape measures and nails and whatever.

I talked with the man at Home Depot and he told me specifically that these screws are what I needed. I told him I didn't think that these were gonna work but he insisted that these were the right ones. I went ahead and trusted him.

Now I'm sitting on the floor of my living room with a giant hole in my wall, mascara stained cheeks, 2 screws still stuck in my wall and a drill that I never even got to start.

I thought I knew what I was doing. Because I've done everything on my own for awhile now. But I don't want to. I need your help and you're not here.

You could of helped me with the measurements. Told me they were a little crooked.
Stood on the chair while I sat on the counter telling you to move it a little to the left or right but no.
I had to stand on the chair myself and mark up my walls with a pencil trying to get it just right.

I shouldn't be mad at you. I'm not really mad at you right now. I'm just mad at this moment. And that if you were here it could of gone a lot better.

For all I know you're sitting on your living room floor wondering where I am as well.
I don't know. But I sure do wish you were here tonight.

For now I'll try to ask for help when I need it and somehow try and fix the hole in my wall.

I pray you're on your way here quickly.
Quickly as in the next few days. ha!
I can only hope.

Until the next curtain hanging fiasco in our new place,
I'll pray for you.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

your future wife.