Sunday, January 8, 2012

On a Hill.

I wiped tears from my blotchy cheeks.
I didn't even realize I was crying until I felt the cold drops slide down onto my chapped lips.

I was driving towards the early sunset.
Heater on low with the windows cracked slightly enough to keep the cold around.
I saw the moon rising in the short distance.

I fell hard into love.
I love this place. this moment. this feeling.

all fading faster then I can comprehend.
I miss You.
I want to be close to You all the time.

the place where it doesn't even exist.
take me there.

beyond these momentary feelings of forever.
to the solid foundation of endless being.

I feel separated by exasperated words never seeming to fill their worth.
tired of the moments weighing me down.
until the blissful seconds of weightlessness of being with You.

in just seconds it will come.
whether seconds add up to months or years or another decade.
it's still just seconds away.

so I keep living. sometimes hardly at all.
but I think I'll choose to live in wait.

waiting for so many things.
waiting until we are together forever.


tho scary the thoughts are at times.
I'll still remind myself that You're there.

awaiting a city not yet seen.
people not yet met.
sounds longing to be heard.
colors still being created.