Friday, April 9, 2010


Sometimes You're further than the moon.
Sometimes You're closer than my skin.

It's been awhile.

Here I am.
You surround me like a winter fog.

Life is so tragically beautiful.
And painfully true.
You've come and burned me with a kiss.

I've not been writing lately.
And I'm so filthy with my sin.
But my thoughts [as always] never stop thinking.
And I've written a thousands words in my head every day.
I carry pride like a disease.
They just never make it to paper.
But they are being heard, loud and clear.

I don't have anything to say at the moment.
You know I'm stubborn Lord and am longing to be close.

I have so many plans for my life.
What can I do with my obsession with the things I cannot see?
so many things I want to do and people I want to meet.
Is there madness in my being?
Is it the wind that moves the trees?

The future often terrifies me.
Because I have such a huge idea of what life should be like.
And I'm learning more and more that God knows what my life should be like.

I feel lonely without hope.
I feel desperate without vision.

so here I am.
sleeping in this house.
living in this city.
working in this job.
speaking Truth into these situations.
here I am.
You come and free me like a bird.

And my heart burns for You.
And my heart burns for You.
And my heart burns for You.
And my heart burns for You.

oh it burns for You.

*obsession-david crowder band.