Friday, December 24, 2010

Thrill of Hope.

You've captured my heart tonight.
Of all nights, You chose to come.
Put on flesh, move into my neighborhood.

And You cried that first breath.
Changing the atmosphere of our lives.
You don't make sense.
You cause me to question.
And Your mystery makes me run until I cannot out run You anymore.

This scary unbelievable night.
What has taken place?
Many men have spoken this night into play.
But did we really know it would happen like this?

With a precious baby and a young mother.
You broke the mold and out You came.
Born to die.
What King is this?

That You would be born in a barn with noisy animals.
You're first bed a dirty food bowl.
You left jewels and diamonds and colors beyond sight.
You left Your Dad.
And entered my world.

You were thinking of me.
Thinking of my birth.
My life, my broken heart.
And it caused You to leave it all for me.

I think of Your birthday often.
Not just in this season.
And I am constantly mesmerized.
Because Your story is so elegant and mysterious.
I am always drawn in.

And here I am, waiting for Your return again.
So this weekend we'll celebrate Your birthday.
And wait patiently, longing for Your face again.

And what a Day that will be.

till He appeared and the soul felt it's worth.
a thrill of hope the weary world rejoices!