Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Share Your Road.

 I have fallen in love with these Words. each and every one.

like deep rich wine shared with your closest love.
they know you and you them as you sit in silence drinking deep the moment.

"oh how i love your soul"
I travel in faith with these words draped softly over my lips
etched with the richest of blood in my heart.

if I could I'd leave tonight with my small suitcase & find you.

we'd lay in the grass or stand on the roof,

close our eyes and I'd tell you stories.
true stories [of course] of real people
who fell in love with these Words too
& how they became intensely alive.

& then the best part would take place.

you'd open your eyes and for the first time you would see colors
as they blazed across the sky and ran over the streets and up to the sky again
with shouts of glorious explosions.

& we'd dance & dance & dance
and laugh from the deepest parts of our bellies until tears formed under our eyes.

and maybe cry, maybe not but i think we will.

we'd scream at the top of our lungs to the heavens and the heavens would respond
with the biggest gust of wind filling our lungs again.

and you'd realize that life cannot be the same.
that life somehow has something to do with Truth and knowing it.

and then everything around you becomes so real your baby eyes cannot contain.

the colors burn and the wind becomes so strong.

but you continue to look and continue to scream because you are alive.

you are real.


& life suddenly becomes worth it.

love these Words, drink the wine, let love fall in you.
this is real life, we must begin.

I wrote that 6 years ago in a letter to a friend.

I had met Jesus.

I was free as a baby calf just released from her stall. 
Fumbling about. Wobbling around on new legs.
Excited to run out into the sun. 
Knowing I born for the pastures beyond the barn.

I was hopeful.
Loved love.
So full. 

I was reminded of my own words tonight. 
The pureness of thought I wrote them in. 

And I find myself here 1,000 miles away from where it all started.
Longing to be that girl again.
Wanting to be a silly baby calf.

I read that letter to myself, as I wrote them to my friend years ago.
I am still that girl.

that precious girl.

These are just rough days, not forever.
These are just moments writing a story for later.
To look back and see glory dripping from every word.
And understanding with grace bursting from every perceived set-back.

And I continue to meet Jesus.
In the conversations with friends, who have met Him too.
In the presence of someone who understands.
In the forgiveness of others.
In the sadness of hope slipped away.
In the sun on my shoulders.
In the sweetness of the wind flowing through my hair.
In the night time restlessness.
In the constant calling me up and out.
In His words, as He speaks to me.

"But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall." 
-Malachi 4:2