Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Feel.

I see you in the brokenness.
numb nights
and mornings.
and no tears at all.
lifeless day to day.

I cannot help but see your beauty.

Do not loosen your grip to hope.
You are right where you're so suppose to be.

Even tho I cannot feel Jesus in anything I do,
I cannot deny His presence.
This doesn't make sense.

I don't know why I'm going thru this.
But I'm not questioning.
I'm quickly turning any question or unsettled thought into trust.

I have to.
He is coming thru for me.
In so many ways.
I cannot deny His existence or help in my life.

I just cannot feel anything.
Feelings are wanted but Truth is precious.

I appreciate where I'm at in this life.
I know this will/is teaching me something.
What.. I have no idea.
Thoughts come and go on a daily basis.

but words are being written and stories are being told in the midst of this.
This will bring forth something.
I pray it's something of worth and not just a wasted moment.

How are you doing?
Please let me know.

what's going thru your mind?
how's your heart?

be at peace.