Monday, February 7, 2011

Can Not Stay.

No Winter you cannot stay.
Here in my heart, my dark icy heart.

Be gone with you ugly friend. It's been winter for days upon days.
I am dying for a ray of Sonshine.
But you have blocked any sunlight.
I'm tired and aching.

Oh winter you can not stay.

Bathe my heart in light.
Such warmth I crave. The rush of summer wind so sweet.
I have been denied day after day.
Give me hope this will pass.

I miss laughter in the blistering hot summer days.
When life gave me life.
Just being alive brought joy.

Oh ache of an ache.

So I'll tell you again, winter you cannot stay.
The seasons were born to change.
And I was born to live.

You must go.

Into spring I run.
Into spring I beg to go.
Show me the way.
For long have the roads been blocked and tired have I been to move them.

Oh spring I feel your nearness.
Please shine soon.
Shine in my heart soon.