Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Present Suffering.

The phone rings.
The door knocks.
The mouth opens.
The tears flow.
The shock felt.
The anger returns.
The fist hits the table.

The silence comes.






Then questions.
The concern.
The I don't understand.
The I don't want this to happen.
The checking in and out of reality.
The last words.

The approaching loss.
The widow and her children.

The widow and her children.
The loneliness.

The abrupt change in normalcy.
The new normal.
The daily ache.
The constant reminders.
The painful reality.

The Father who never leaves.
The Love that comforts.
The Jesus who binds the broken hearts.
The Spirit who catches tears.

Death may part us.
Death may damage us.
Death has been defeated.

This loss is for a while.
The longing is for such a time.


We will see.