Saturday, June 13, 2009

you, Him.

The internet is cutting in and out tonight.
My computer is being a bit slow.

I'm sitting in the coffee shop earphones in, writing away.
Every time I come I order an Iced Chai.
It kills my stomach but I dislike coffee and the taste of espresso.

They recognize me now, since I come at least twice a week.
I stay for at about 2 hours and just drink, listen and write.
I wonder what they think of me honestly.

Have you ever wondered that you could be the mystery?
You could be the one people are interested to know.
You are the thing that simply amazes someone?
You are the one they talk about in a curious way.
You cause others to question.

Instead of seeing others in that way.. they see you in the same.

You were created to cause explosions when you walk into the room.
Your presence causes them to listen to the sweet silence.
Your voice brings calm.
Your touch soothes.
Your ideas shake traditions.
Your prayers shake nations.

If only you knew I was talking about you.
If only you could see how you're looked at with such wonder.
Such anticipated excitement to see what you will do next.
Your next breath brings you closer, closer then you dare to know.

Your shapes and lines dance in light as air rushes to breathe you in.

You are what we are waiting for.
You are the mystery.
Your beginning broke the chain and end lies in wait.

You were given this life.
You were given this place.
You were given so much.

They are watching and waiting.

Realize Who is inside.
Realize What is moving in the depths of you.

Don't be afraid.
Don't shy away.

You are a magnificent being.
Created to breath out life and be the mystery.

Stop dying.
Stop living for you.

Start living for the You inside.

You were birthed to see.
See that there is more.
More to you, more to the mundane.

The mystery of You awaits.

I've found that when I try to figure out this mystery I find that it's really true.

It's really true that Life does exist.
I find the answers.
I find the purpose.
I find the meaning of day to day.
I find the good in suffering.
I find the joy of waiting in rushed times.
I find the peace in chaos.
I find the love I've been breaking for.

The roar of the holy rumblings in my belly to soothe the frustration of [my]self.
To know that it's never been about me but You.

The mystery inside you is.....