Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Life.

Hearing a familiar voice on the other end of the telephone.
Waking up to rain beating hard on the window.
Sweetly being comforted on a friends bed after voicing a moment in your life that brings pain.
Hearing that you have been missed.
Having the gym to yourself.
Getting Chick-fil-a in your jammies in the pouring rain.
Waking up and being freezing cold because you left the windows open.
Knowing Christmas is soon.
Making pancakes and eggs for dinner with your roommate as you listen to Mumford & Sons.
Listening to a good song on repeat.
Gently being reminded that you cannot do this on your own.
Two hour conversations after midnight.
Learning to trust Jesus again.
Remembering that He loves you.
Remembering that He loves you.
Remembering that He loves you.

Little things have been surrounding me lately.
Like being up at 4am.
Not that I've woken up this early, I simply haven't gone to bed yet.
I may be tired tomorrow but it just shows that I lived the day before.

Sleepy eyes.
Candles that smell like fall.
Waking up.
Posting a blog at 4am.