Saturday, December 28, 2013

Faithful not Self Sufficent.

I have to trust that nothing is a surprise to our lives.
They are known, along with every detail we overlook.
We are put together with meticulous care and love.

Even purposed pain.

Gosh. That last part gets me.
Because I hate it.

Especially when it's inflicted by the actions of someone else.

It arrives in a pretty package.
You must open.

Out bursts the anger.
You feel alone.
Hope is running fast.
The lie creeps in: you are not wanted.

But then as quickly as it comes.
The presence of another comes quicker.

Within 24 hours.
My best friend arrived early in the morning.
I was still sleeping but quickly awoke and ran down the hallway into the tightest embrace.
Almost squeezing out tears.
My belly ached.

I was home for Christmas and hadn't seen her face in 3 hundred and 50 some odd days.

We sat on my bed.
In the room where I spent all of my junior and high school years.
That room has seen many conversations.
Many secrets laid bare.
Many sleepless nights.

I've learned in the presence of those who know and understand the deepest parts of you
healing takes place.
Safety is present.
Peace is steady and you're free to simply be.

I've noticed Jesus loves you best through close friends.

When you shut them out, you're shutting out ways for the Lover to love you.
People can't effectively pray for you if you don't tell them what's going on.
They can't love you in the way Christ has created you to be loved.

You are not safe alone.
You are not loved behind secrets.
You are not known through lies.

You were created to be known and loved.
In trusted unity with our brothers and sisters.

Because you are a glorious reflection of a certain part of the Lord's character.
No one else can see the world the way you do. No one can gain the perspective you have.
No one can love others the way you love. No one else can have a relationship with Jesus like you do.
You are one in the entirety of the world and galaxies of forever and ever into endless eternity.

When you find a friend who sees that in you.
When they understand your precious story and unique pains.
When you realize you have a handful of these friends in your life.

Thank Jesus.
Cry. Let others see your tears.
See the road before you laid in healing and strength.
Trust that He is supporting you.
Leading you.
Loving you.

Through His word
Through time spent together.
Through faithful friends.