Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello, Life.

so full.

I wrote on my fridge tonight:
so this is what 20 plus some odd years looks like...
and I felt so full.

life is so beautiful and heavy.
so alive.

I had one of the best birthday's of my life.
Everyday leading up to it I was given a gift.
Meaningful ones.
And papers with written words that deeply touched my heart.

My cousin called me late into the night on my birthday.
He is very dear to my heart.
He told me what was going on in his life.
How Jesus is pursuing him. Pulling him up to a better life.
A better way. A richer view.
Telling him that I hear you when you pray.

I think that was the best gift I could of received.
To hear the news of one of my loved ones [anyone for that matter] drawing closer to Jesus.

It has been a full week.
And I feel very awake.

I laid on my bedroom floor, looking up to the ceiling.
I know you hear me.
You see my heart.
I miss You.

When you've been feeling empty for so long the feeling of fullness brings contentment.
When you've been so stressed for so long the presence of quiet brings peace.
When you've been feeling so lost for so long the hope of rescue brings security.

I feel Jesus.
thank you God.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Allie, You are so awesome, I just can't put into words what i think of you and it is all good! :) I'm glad you and C had a chance to talk.