Friday, April 1, 2011

Future Writer, Current Slacker.

I write everyday.
Every. Day.

I just never speak those words to the world.

I feel a slight hope in my heart tonight.
Which is amazing.
Lately I haven't published anything to the world or announced my heart woes to others
because they are not pretty.

And I feel the conviction of being real. honest. true.
And at the same time I feel the burden of being a light.

I'm seeing things I've hoped for slowing coming together.

But if I was born to learn anything it was to wait.
And wait I am growing confident in doing.

Because I feel I've been waiting my entire life.

So let's be honest:
I've doubted and slipped away.
I've been mad and questioned everything.
I've cried myself to sleep a lot.
I'd given up hope of anything changing.
I lost focus and was extremely sad.
And I forgot what was done for me.

I was reminded that I serve Love.
I serve patience and faithful to promises said long ago.

And there is hope once again.
hope in this heart of mine.
And it is so sweet.


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onecozynest said...

I love reading your blog Allie. You write beautifully! Love you and praying for you:)