Friday, October 1, 2010

Between Us.

I went home recently.
It was a rush of moments.
Seeing faces that I see in my dreams.
And hearing voices that I could recognize even if they stood on the opposite shore.

There's something about being there.
When all's familiar and the greatest joy is just being in the same room with ones that you would lay your life down for in an instant.

My heart was always set for the world.
To see it, to be in it all.
To be everywhere at the same time.

but now.
the short moments I have with them.
mean the world to me.

there's always an ache in my heart when I want to see them right now
but know I cannot.
I must hold on to hope that someday we'll spend forever together.
And that gets me by.

back when I was too young to see my surroundings.
I was too busy dreaming about the other side of the sea.

only now do I see the beauty that was here all along.



Très bien said...

just found your blog and read through some of you posts... so beautiful to hear your heart.
i want to follow you but could not find how to on your page :[ help!

Très bien said...

k i am a tard :] i figured it out. still new to blog world.