Friday, May 10, 2013

Nothing & Everything.

A loss occurs.
Emotional tearing away.
Physical bruises remain.

something has been taken away
change happens.

Pain is injected into your daily life.

Whether this was an ugly surprise.
Or the suffering had been on the horizon.

You must move forward with pieces scattered.

But you know Truth.
You know healing.
You know Trust in restoration.

But this.


It is not a sickness to be healed.
Or freed.

A pain that remains.
The new normal.

Nothing. Will. Ever. Be. The. Same.

You seek prayers.
You seek counsel.
You seek books with answers.
You seek momentary numbness.

You seek.
You find.
Love in the depths.
Grace in the moment.
Empathy in the cries.

It remains.

Healing might not come this side of Heaven.
We are not guaranteed full release.
Full freedom.
Full walking away scar-less.

Some times we are never the same.
We can never go back to what we used to know.
Who we used to trust.
The empty words we used to say.

If we have hope secured.
And eyes to Eternity.
Our healing is coming.
Our freedom sure.

But maybe not now.

That does not diminish His Power. 
The all encompassing Presence.
The tears on His face.
The understanding.

You are not alone in this mess.
This pain.
This sharp newness.

Good will come.
Sweet moments of the deep ache lifted.
Sunny mornings.

But it will remain.
And so will He.

That's beauty we find here.
He is constant.
More consistent than the anguish of soul.

A life time of pain is worth an eternity of glory.

Hold fast.
He is near.



Anonymous said...

"Physical bruises remain."

Evangeline. said...

I am so glad that you are blogging your poems again! I have missed them. You are incredibly gifted by God. Thank you for sharing these words.