Wednesday, October 19, 2011


After work.
Wearing glasses.
Not contacts.

Most days I love to process.
It calms me. Helps me talk to Jesus better.
Most days.

Like today.
This morning I woke up feeling under pressure.
I brushed it off. Started praying.
Then a wave of reality rushed in.
Oh gosh.

I had to remind myself that I have hope.
I trust in the One who is trustworthy.
I feel like I have to remind myself Truth a lot.
As if I forget it or something.

I get to work, faking a smile.
Pretending to be genuine.

Jesus, I'm being ridiculous.

After a few hours I get a text message.
The contents completely answered a prayer I was processing earlier.
I just laughed.

It was a peaceful day.
Not because of that answered prayer.
But I had to conscientiously and continually remind myself to trust.
It set my heart at ease.

whether it was answered or not.
Trusting Him is all.
I know that.
but I forget it all the time.

the heart.
the head.


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