Friday, August 22, 2008

perfect day.

i've never had one of those. a perfect day.
but this afternoon might have come close.

i had one of those mornings. one of those mornings that one phone call changes your life kind of morning. like a huge stamp falls from the sky with the words 'LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME' and slammed itself against my makeup of this little life that has been given me.

i've been trying to erase those words all day.

i was laying on the couch about to drift off into one of those good afternoon naps. the ones when you wake up feeling really refreshed and almost as if it's a new day, like the morning never happened...

when the phone rang again. my precious friend with a tender heart asked if i would accompany her to the well out in the country. she told me to bring my journal.
i didn't want to go. i didn't feel like going. i didn't want to think to then write it down.
but i said i'd go.

we sat on the old cement drain that leads to the river. i plugged my earphones in and drifted away. i don't really remember what i read or what it was that caught my attention i just remember hearing these words:

"but remember... I love you."

shortly after taking pictures and laughing about nothing we got in the car with the windows down and drove until the sun just about set. no one said a word but music and life was blaring from that tiny car.

life will never be the same.

but i will always be loved.
& that makes life perfect.



Anonymous said...

You are such a blessing Allie. I pray for peace in your mind and in your heart always.

You have great courage, and it's obvious.

I love you. Be blessed..

Amber said...

Still keeping tabs on you! :) Here's to more almost perfect days. I could use one of those! :)